Fort Worth Favorite Noble 31 Celebrates Women-Owned Brands in Texas

There’s a reason North Texas cities regularly find their way onto lists of the best cities to build a company. The business-friendly environment of Dallas-Fort Worth — and the state’s lack of income tax — has long been hospitable to young start-ups, but what may not be quite as well-known is the area’s wealth of successful female entrepreneurs. As the amount of women-owned businesses increases, Dallas-Fort Worth has become a welcome starting point. After a particularly trying year, two local entrepreneurs, Madi Davis and Mackenzie Moore of luxury fashion brand Noble 31, honed in on a specific faction to celebrate: the entrepreneurial female duo.“Throughout the last year, Mackenzie and I – like everyone else – were discouraged about events being cancelled, the unknown of the future, and how long it all was going to last. We looked to our fellow Texas entrepreneurs to see how they were handling these uncertain times,” Davis tells PaperCity. “We were blown away by these incredibly talented women-owned businesses that were rising to the occasion.”To honor the sisters, mother-daughter duos, and best friends who inspired Davis and Moore (who are sisters themselves), they reached out to dress the women in some of their favorite Noble 31 styles of the season. Known for lush hues, rich fabrics, and effortless designs that are structured enough to hold their shape in Texas, the Fort Worth-based brand is a natural fit for practically any wardrobe.  Desiree Cox and Tori Gonzales of All the Wire wearing Noble 31.All the WireHandcrafting and stamping custom jewelry, elevated friendship bracelets, and 14k gold chokers, Denton sisters Tori Gonzales and Desiree Cox have created a stylish way to share their personal stories with All the Wire.“We are blown away by the love and attention to detail that sisters Tori and Desiree put into their handmade jewelry,” Davis says. “Their designs allow people to share their stories and wear jewelry that means something to them. The background behind the phrase ‘I love you all the wire’ is just too cute.”What would you say is the best thing about working with your sister?“The best thing would have to be how easy it can be. We know one another like the back of our hands, so there’s no fluff, all real talk. We laugh, we cry, we vent… It’s the safest space.” – Desiree Cox Lizzi Means Duplantis and Sarah Means of Miron Crosby wearing Noble 31.Miron CrosbyWith a high-fashion spin, playful motifs, and a rich hand-lasted history in West Texas, Miron Crosby has become the it cowboy boot brand in Dallas and beyond.“We are so inspired by Lizzie and Sarah. The Means sisters also created a custom line similar to our just-launched Atelier by Nobel 31. The colors, the intricate design, and the tradition of the craft of assembling their boots is just magical,” Moore says. “Madi and I are also suckers for a well-made cowboy boot.”What is your best professional memory working with your sister? “We opened our brick-and-mortar store and launched our collection on the same day. I was a nervous wreck but Lizzie insisted we stop working and go have dinner and a celebratory margarita. We laughed and chatted about what the future might look like for us, and I learned so much from her that night. It’s one of my very favorite memories.” Sarah Means  Beth Zerdecki , Jamie Chandlee, and Dalton Young of Rank & Style wearing Noble 31.Rank & StyleSifting through hundreds of verified reviews, best-selling products, editorial recommendations, and the social media influence of it all, the Texas-based trio behind Rank & Style handles the heady assemblage of online data for you, so you can shop their streamlined picks with confidence.Today there are so many beauty and lifestyle products on the market, so having recommendations and rankings like those of the Rank and Style trio make shopping for the best brands and products doable,” Davis says. “They help consumers know what they’re getting themselves into.”What would you say is the best thing about working with your Rank & Style trio? “Having that extra set of eyes and an opinion you can trust is such an invaluable thing. While some solo business owners prefer to have advisors, I really think having business partners that have as much skin in the game as you is extremely important. We celebrate the wins together and we face the challenges together. I’m very lucky to have two very smart women by my side in this venture.” – Beth Zerdecki 

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