Jewelry Brand Mudd Pearl Drops New Collection

Founded by Yasmin Moon and Mary Anderson, Mudd Pearl is an emerging jewelry brand obsessed with pearls.
“The way a pearl is created is similar to the human condition of alleviation,” Mudd Pearl explains. “The oyster creates a smooth coating around a small trauma in order to co-exist with it and each method of protection is so individualized it could never be exact. Holding a pearl is like holding a physical manifestation of one’s own resilience.”
Commemorating the launch of its official website, the label has unveiled a campaign lensed by Carolyne Loreé. Modeled by Lovisa Lager and Jabari Flemings, the jewels arrive in the form of necklaces and earrings crafted from a variety of genuine freshwater pearls, as well as natural and baroque pearls. For an added touch of luxury, the pieces are complete with either gold or sterling silver finishes.
“Directing something was a great opportunity to view Mudd Pearl from a 360-degree angle,” co-founder Moon comments on what it was like working on the campaign. “One movie that I used to be obsessed with kept popping up Constantine. Like Constantine, our two characters played by Lovisa and Jabari, have willingly fallen from grace,” she adds.
Take a look at the campaign imagery above. Ranging from $170 to $380 USD, Mudd Pearl’s jewelry collection is now available online.

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